Puttum Kattanum: Mohana Krishnan and Satyabhama are back with a bang

Mohana Krishnan and Satyabhama of Karyam Nisaram are unquestionably one of the most beloved couples on the screen of Malayalam TV. Now, there is a reason for the fans to rejoice, as the favorite duo is back with a new show. ' Puttum Kattanum ', the new sitcom recently marked the return of Karyam Nisaram team.

The show, which is directed by Unni Cheriyan, the captain of 'Karyam Nisaram' team portrays the life of Omanakuttan and his wife Chinthamani. Aneesh ravi Rehearse the character of Omanakuttan, the owner of the restaurant and Anu joseph His wife is playing, which is quite strict. The show advances in the plot of a new restaurant opened by Omanakuttan and his daily interactions with his wife and other workers.

Interestingly, the program is receiving positive responses from the viewers within a couple of days of the broadcast. The chemistry on screen of Aneesh and Anu is also seen in this show.

Here is the video:

'Karyam Nisaram' was one of the most popular sitcoms of Malayalam TV. The show portrayed the life of Mohana Krishnan and Satyabhama and explored their funny sides.

Recently, in an interview, Aneesh said that people still refer to him as Mohana Krishnan.

The program aired 2 years ago, still people call me Mohana Krishnan. Even government officials share sincere conversations that miss having a village official like Mohana Krishnan in his office. From the dialogues to the style of dress, the village officer was a sensation, Aneesh shared.