Quarantined woman in Kargil moved to hospital and gives birth to baby

NEW DELHI: A 30-year-old girl, who was quarantined near the Control Line after one of her family members tested positive for Covid-19, gave birth to a baby in a government district hospital. But the family reunion and celebrations will have to wait a while as her relatives, including her husband, remain in quarantine. The father has not been able to see the baby until now.

Zahra Banoo gave birth to a boy on March 28, in what is arguably the first known case of quarantined birth in India. , the gynecologist who attended the mother, said the newborn weighs 3.5 kg healthy and has been vaccinated.

Two days before her due date, Zahra was rushed to the hospital from a quarantine facility in an ambulance. We switched the mother to the outpatient department and great care was taken to ensure that she did not come in contact with other patients, said Dr. Kachoo Sikandar Ali Khan, medical superintendent at the Kargil district hospital. There are 353 people in quarantine in the district, Kargil DC said.

Zahra has tested negative both times, but those caring for the woman wore protective gear as an added precaution. By Tuesday, she had served 14 days from her quarantine and doctors said she would be released soon.

Khan added that the delivery had brought much joy among hospital staff. In these times of crisis, our staff volunteered to provide emotional support to the pregnant woman since she was alone, said a doctor, citing the example of a Fatima, employed as sanitation personnel in the hospital, who was left with the mother during childbirth. .

In the quarantine facility, the father said he was happy and anxious at the same time. This is my third child and I wish I had been there with them, said Vilayat Ali. I am grateful that the doctors have supported us. We were transferred from Sankoo (a city 45 km from Kargil) to the quarantine facility after my brother, who had no travel history, tested positive. It is a difficult region to travel with a lot of snow on the roads, but we are glad that the ambulance made that trip to take us under medical supervision.

Parents do not yet have a name for their child. We will decide once our family is back together, Ali said.