ITC turns the HP perfume plant into a sanitizing unit

Kolkata: To meet an unprecedented increase in demand for hand sanitizer, you have switched your production line at your newly installed perfume plant in Himachal Pradesh to a manufacturing unit. Disinfectants saw a 100% increase in demand in the past two weeks as medical professionals widely prescribe it in the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic.

In order to serve a broader national priority during these difficult times, ITC's state-of-the-art perfume manufacturing facility in Himachal Pradesh has begun production of Savlon disinfectants to meet growing demand due to the coronavirus pandemic, the company. said.

Recently commissioned in November 2019, the Manpura factory in Himachal Pradesh is a facility designed to produce premium fine fragrances.

According to industry experts, the disinfectant market in India used to be worth only Rs 114 crore. But in February 2020 itself, there was a 50% increase in sales compared to February 2019 and in March so far, the increase in demand is almost 100%.

Amid the global health crisis and the unprecedented surge in demand for hand hygiene products such as disinfectants, ITC, on the warpath, reused this world-class perfume facility to help produce an additional 1.25,000 liters of Savlon hand sanitizers, he added. Aggregate company.

He has noted that, in accordance with government order and public interest, the major FMCG-hotel-to-tobacco has also lowered the prices of Savlon disinfectants and is working overnight to reach new stocks with revised prices. In the market.

Commenting on this, Sameer Satpathy, Executive Director (Personal Care Products), ITC, said: In addressing a broader national requirement during the coronavirus pandemic, ITC has reused its recently commissioned perfume manufacturing facility in Manpura, Himachal Pradesh , to make Savlon hand sanitizers.