#Coronaviruslockdown: TikTok star Faisal Shaikh in trouble

A written complaint was filed at the Amboli Police Station and Cyber ​​Crime Cell, against Tik Tok star Faisal Shaikh Monday afternoon Lawyer Ali Kaashif Khan He filed the complaint alleging that the videos could cause people to withdraw during the coronavirus blockade.

The lawyer told BT: In the video, which Faisal uploaded three days ago, you can see him leaving his building and talking to a popular Nawazuddin Siddiqui dialogue - Maut ko chhookar tak se wapas aa sakta hoon. At a time like this, we should guarantee everyone's safety by practicing social distancing. Instead, Faisal, who is an influencer with so many people following him in India and abroad, is provoking others. There was also another video with Faisal along with Hasnain Khan , Sohail and Faiz Baloch on the streets. I have also mentioned them in my complaint, but they have claimed that their videos are old. Faisal has now removed the video, but the damage has already been done. ”

When we contacted the Amboli police station, an official said: A request has been made, we are investigating the matter.

Vishal Thakur, DCP, Cyber ​​Crime Cell, told us: “We have sent the request to the Amboli Police Station. A consultation is ongoing and we are uncovering the technical details related to this matter. We will forward our findings to the appropriate jurisdiction.

Incidentally, the Tik Tok accounts of Faisal and Hasnain were suspended in July 2019, after they posted an objectionable video. And, back then, it was advocate Khan, who had helped them secure bail.

When asked why he has now filed a complaint against the same people he had represented last year, Khan replied, “Yes, I represented them as a lawyer and my association with them ended after they secured bail. Yesterday, when a friend showed me their videos, I immediately submitted a complaint, as coronavirus is deadly and people shouldn't follow their actions blindly. Their Tik Tok account was reactivated only this month, and within days, they posted a video like this. ”

Despite repeated attempts, Faisal could not be reached.