Jaipur Civic Corps organizes 15,000 flatbreads per day for stray dogs

JAIPUR: Support for stray animals roaming hungry through the streets during the period of confinement, featuring NGOs that supply around 15,000 chapatis daily for strays and birds, authorities said.

Bird feeding is being organized in collaboration with donors, the JMC commissioner said.

It's sad to see animals and birds go hungry ... so we've taken a few steps, Singh said, adding that the Killer Crown has created a huge problem of organizing food for both humans and animals. The Jaipur Municipal Corporation has taken care of these animals so that they do not starve.

On Monday, the corporation placed 8,500 chapatis in various areas of the city to feed stray dogs, cows, and monkeys. From Tuesday, around 10,000-15,000 chapatis will be distributed with the help of the NGO Akshaya Patra. Similarly, collaboration with city donors has helped to collect a large stock for bird feeding: around 10 quintals of 'dana' for birds have been purchased.

Singh said the forage has been arranged for cows with the help of the Shri Seva Trust. Water has been stored outside of corporate animal parks.

Singh also said that people should have bird food on their roofs. Authorities said the NGO Raksha is responsible for feeding the birds.

The corporation is also making arrangements to distribute leftover fruits and vegetables to stray animals.