Arvind Kejriwal Says More Than 1,500 Evacuees From Downtown Nizamuddin Seeks Actions Against Organizers

NEW DELHI: Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal On Tuesday he said 1,548 people have been evacuated from Markaz (center) here, of which 441 were hospitalized after showing symptoms.

At a digital press conference, the prime minister said 1,107 people, who attended the religious congregation in Nizamudddin West, were quarantined.

He said that of 97 coronavirus cases in the city, 24 were those who participated in the congregation earlier this month.

Kejriwal criticized the organizers of the religious meeting saying it was very irresponsible of him to celebrate such an event at a time when thousands have died in other countries due to the pandemic.

He said his government has already written to the Deputy Governor of Delhi recommending the registration of an FIR against the organizers.

Kejriwal further said that any lapse in the performance of officers related to the Nizamuddin case will not be tolerated and strict action will be initiated.

He also emphasized that there was still no community transmission of coronavirus in Delhi and that the situation was under control.

Of 97 cases, he said 86 were stable while one was on and two received oxygen.

He said the Delhi government will begin distributing food from around 3,775 schools and night shelters to around 10-12 lakh people as of Wednesday.

Although such a large number of people are unlikely to show up for food, more distribution points will help keep the social distance, he said.

Industrialists trying to help should donate protective equipment for medical personnel, test kits and ventilators that are now sorely needed, he said.