84 pc feel world will recover from Covid-19 in 6-12 months: survey

MUMBAI: About 84 percent of people feel the world will recover from Covid-19 in 6-12 months, according to a survey.

Covid-19 leads the list of diseases for which people are extremely concerned, followed by cancer and HIV/AIDS, according to the study by the market analysis and analysis company Velocity MR.

The study sample size was 2,100, and data was collected between March 19-20 through an online survey among the Markelytics consumer panel (Velocity MR is Markelytics' full-service arm).

About 84 percent of them were optimistic that the world will recover in the next 6 months to 1 year.

The study also revealed that many were unable to make changes to their daily activities, even if they wanted to. About 58 percent of respondents said they couldn't buy groceries and essentials during off-peak hours, 46 percent said they couldn't avoid traveling for work-related reasons, and 25 percent said they were not organizations were provided to work from home.

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What is encouraging is that most are working to combat this new virus. Our survey shows that, as a precautionary measure, 81 percent have started washing their hands more frequently than before, 78 percent have started avoiding crowded places as and when possible.

Another important highlight of the study is that this lifestyle change is more likely to continue, with 72 percent feeling they will be more cautious and responsible while traveling abroad in the future, said CEO and CEO of Velocity MR.

Most respondents considered that some changes in habits will prevail even after the Covid-19 pandemic.

About 71 percent said that habits such as social greetings (handshakes, hugs, among others) will be avoided for some time even after the pandemic.