Even after 14 years, the Eswari character is loved by many. Sriya thanks her fans!

Sriya Reddy who had made successful Tamil movies like Samurai , Thimiru & Veyil was recently astonished by the response her fans are giving for the film- Thimiru even after 14 years. Recently a Tamil television channel had showed Thimiru movie & looking at it Sriya’s fans flooded her Instagram with love. She had got messages from her fans appreciating her acting in Eswari character. “It is a vera level character & only you could have pulled it off so well,” many said. Even some had mentioned that “best” is a very small word to describe her acting & that they could it watch the movie infinite number of time just for her acting.

The truth is that Sriya Reddy came into limelight by doing a small character Nisha, Heroine’s friend in Samurai in 2002. Later, she had moved to doing Telugu & Malayalam films & made a came back with Thimiru in 2006 & captured all hearts by playing a serious villain in the film. In fact, she is one of the young actress to have played the antagonist in her very second movie in Tamil.