Extreme heat forces more ruptures in the finals of the FIH series in Bhubaneswar

BHUBANESWAR: It was expected before the tournament began, but the extreme heat conditions here in the End of the FIH series reached an unbearable level on Wednesday morning, which forced the organizing committee to introduce additional breaks between quarters and added more minutes at regular intervals for the playoffs from 7th to 8th position.

The quarterfinal breaks were extended to four minutes and the second half saw the referees stopping the match between Mexico and Uzbekistan after every seven and a half minutes for the players to hydrate while the mercury rose.

But the credit to the players from both sides, turned out to be a battle of spectators, fought tooth and nail in the most demanding conditions for hockey, as the Mexicans came from 0-2 at halftime to win 4-3 winners. with the goal of captain Roberto García in the penultimate (59) minute of the game. Unfortunately, the scorching sun kept viewers away from one of the most exciting matches so far.

It's very hot, very strong, very wet (sweaty), said the Mexican team's doctor, Miguel Ake Montiel, while talking with Timesofindia.com. But it's for both teams. The referees made a change (to the game conditions), adding time for rotations (breaks).

As a doctor, I plan (so players are ready) for such weather the day before the game, in terms of food and hydration, and ice packs during the game. It is not a good climate for the game. But fortunately the All boys are fine, no injuries, the doctor added.

The temperatures on the hockey court can easily increase by two to three degrees, with evaporation of the astro turf lawn, raising the humidity level to heights that can cause players to lose all their energy. The players, on average, have to run 7 to 8 kilometers each during a 60-minute game.

Playing the game with such intensity until the last minute says a lot about the effort made by Mexicans and Uzbeks. But unfortunately, the best match of the tournament so far was played against empty places.