Man dies from Covid-19 in Indore, MP death toll rises to 4

INDORE: A 41-year-old man died Monday of a Covid-19 infection, bringing the number of deaths from the virus to two in Indore.

MGMMC's Dr. Dean Jyoti Bindal confirmed the death and said: A 41-year-old patient was rushed to MY hospital from the CHL hospital. His test came back positive and he died in the morning.

He was admitted to a private hospital and transferred to the MY Hospital government on Sunday. Doctors claimed that his condition deteriorated and he succumbed to the infection in the morning.

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The deceased was among seven patients who tested positive for Indore on Monday.

Indore has now recorded two deaths from Covid-19. The same number of patients have died from infection in neighboring Ujjain, bringing the death toll to 4.