PM Modi apologizes for the difficulties, says there was no other option

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi On Sunday, he said he regretted the difficulties caused by the national closure to contain the spread of Covid-19, but stressed that there was no other option in a war situation to combat the highly infectious disease.

Modi told people during his monthly radio speech Mann Ki Baat that India would win this war. I apologize to all citizens. And my atma says that you will definitely forgive me. Some decisions have had to be made for which you must face many kinds of difficulties. Particularly when I see my poor brothers and sisters and feel that they must be thinking what kind of Prime Minister (is he) for getting us into these problems. I ask pardon in particular. Many people may be upset with me ... I understand your problems. But India, with its population of Rs 130 million, has no choice but to take the steps that have been taken. ”

Pm Modi said: “The crown fight is a fight between life and death and we have to win this battle. That is why these difficult steps were necessary. After seeing the rest of the world, it seemed like there was no other way to keep you and your families safe.

However, he emphasized the need for maximum cooperation in strict compliance with the closure guidelines, as this was the only way to save people and their families.

“Stay home with your family, be careful and safe, we need to win this battle. And we will win, ”said the prime minister in his speech where he devoted the full 36 minutes to the global pandemic.

In the context of the current blockade, he regretted that some people overstepped the law and voluntarily broke the rules, as they were not trying to understand the seriousness of the matter.

I will tell you that if you do not comply with the blocking rules, it will be difficult to save us from the scourge of the coronavirus. All over the world, many people heeded this deception ... they all regret it now, said the prime minister, referring to countries that lost many lives. However, he did not take the name of any country.

Taking full responsibility for the unprecedented decision, he said that people should ask themselves what kind of PM could throw their people into a situation like this, before proceeding to justify the nationwide shutdown, the first of its kind in the Modern history, quoting Charak, Ayurveda's father, who had said that prevention could reduce a disease that, if not addressed early, could become uncontrollable.

During the program, the Prime Minister interacted with two Covid-19 survivors (one from each of Hyderabad and Agra) and two doctors (one from each of Delhi and Pune) in conversations aimed at raising morale as those with the who interacted talked about how they were cured and medical professionals reported the care they were taking from patients.

Modi expressed his anguish over reports of some of those being asked to remain in quarantine at home being mistreated by others, noting that they had chosen isolation to protect society from infection. “It hurts me a lot to hear about these cases. This is very unfortunate. We need to understand that in current circumstances, we need to ensure social distance, not human or emotional distance. These people are not criminals, he said. She also congratulated the nursing staff on their dedication and recalled the contributions of Florence Nightingale.

Modi said: We are capable of fighting a battle on such a massive scale only because of the zeal and determination of frontline warriors like you ... Be a doctor, a nurse, a paramedic, Aasha, an ANM (Nurse Assistant Midwife) ) or sanitation worker.

Referring to them, Modi said the country was also concerned about his health. Taking this into account, for around 20 lakh of colleagues in these fields, the government has announced health insurance coverage of up to Rs 50 lakh, so that in this battle, you can lead the country with greater self-confidence, said. .

Noting the coincidence that the world was celebrating 2020 as the International Year of Nurse and Midwife, she said that the selfless spirit of service of nurses was unmatched. This year has been a challenging exam for the entire nursing community ... I think all of you will not only successfully erase the exam, but will also save many lives, said the Prime Minister by calling nurses the embodiment of humanity.