Muslims take body of Hindu neighbor for cremation in UP

MEERUT: A multitude of mourners, most of them wearing white and brown hats, baffled viewers as they carried a body to the UP cremation site amid chants from Ram naam satya hai.

Ravi Shankar, in his 40s, had died on Saturday afternoon after a protracted battle with Cancer at his home in the Anand Vihar area of ​​Bulandshahr, leaving behind his wife and four children. With relatives trapped due to confinement, Shankar's distraught wife did not know who to turn to.

It was then that a group of neighbors approached the family and offered to lead the funeral procession. Soon, amid Hindu chants, dozens of Muslims from the area raised the cot on which the body lay and took it to the ghat for the last rites.

The videos of the funeral soon went viral on social media platforms, garnering praise from hundreds of users.

Cremation was carried out in accordance with Hindu rituals and practices.

People from all over the town reached out to support the family. The two communities have always stayed together in times of need, said a local resident.

Given the prevailing condition, people are reluctant to leave their homes. And in cases of death, people are more cautious, unwilling to participate in large gatherings. But here people came out in large numbers although they were concerned with maintaining social life. away, said another resident.