Tamil Nadu: Power must not be connected due to non-payment of bills until April 14.

CHENNAI: The electricity minister said on Sunday that the electricity connection would not be disconnected until April 14 due to non-payment of energy bills. The minister said that all the officials involved had been instructed not to interrupt any electrical connection (domestic, commercial and industrial) until the end of the closure. Tangedco, a week ago, had asked consumers, whose bi-monthly bills were due to be generated between March 22-30, to pay the bills based on previous bi-monthly readings, as they are unable to visit homes to take meter readings.

Regarding some industry associations seeking three months grace time to pay their February bills, the minister said that only the prime minister would be able to serve him.

He said that some power connections in the Tiruvannamalai district, which were disconnected a few days ago, had been restored on the instructions of senior officials.

“Almost 80% of Tangedco employees attend the office or work from home. Challenging the virus outbreak, Tangedo employees have dealt with complaints of power outages across the state, Thangamani said.

There was no power shortage in the state, and the discom committed to providing an uninterrupted power supply to help people lead normal lives, he said. Much of the current demand is from the domestic sector, as most people work from home, he said.

Once normality returns, advisors will visit each consumer and record meter readings. The balance to be paid by consumers, if applicable, will be indicated to them once the readings are taken. In the event that someone overpays, for those who pay bills based on the previous billing cycle, the utility will adjust the overpayment against future bills, Tangedco said.