Malayali's parents keep their children creatively involved during the running of the bulls

The unexpected closure of schools across the country as part of the Covid-19 pandemic control has posed challenges for parents. Now with the lock also in place, we spoke to some to find out how they keep their kids engaged on their long vacation.

I try to keep my son physically active

Vivek Gopan, actor

With the blockade in full effect, my son Sidharth and I have found a new interest: book cricket. We have two teams and take the last digit of the page numbers as the batter runs and scores each ball. This also helps nine-year-old Sidharth to mentally calculate and also knows more about international cricket teams and players. I also focus on keeping him physically active. Since we are indoors, I try to get him to do little workouts with me every day to keep him healthy.

find joy in crafts

Arya, actress

My eight-year-old daughter Roya knows we can't go out now, so she spends her time doing crafts by watching DIY videos on YouTube and coloring them as well. Her creative projects include making greeting cards for her friends and family, paper wallets, paper notebooks, and drawings. He also likes to read fables and watch children's dance videos. She knows that the lock is for protection against Covid-19 and is determined that unless she completes her craft work, she will not move.

My son loves to read and tell stories.

Krishna Priya, bank manager

My six-year-old son Advik R Krishna is bored, but he tries to overcome it by inventing his own games as a simple quiz where the quiz master can play. He has stopped watching television and has now developed a keen interest in reading children's books and magazines. I think blocking has caused children to explore all options to avoid boredom. Before it was difficult to make him sit and read story books, but now he does it voluntarily. If Advik loves stories, he also tries to draw the characters. Now he is also a storyteller and creates his own characters and stories.

We involve our son in our daily activities

Ramesh AS, technician

While the closure has spoiled our summer vacation plans, we are now thinking of ways to make it fun for our four-year-old daughter, Shreya, at home. Since my wife and I have to work from home, our day usually starts by waking up early and we also have to make Shreya do the same. He used to draw, read books, watch baby videos, but we also want him to be aware of daily activities and household chores that would come in handy in the future. Now it joins us when we are watering the plants and even helps take the vegetables out of the fridge when we cook. When you do that, you also learn to count and the names of the vegetables. By involving her in washing and cleaning, we make her understand the importance of cleaning and the need for a hygienic lifestyle. This helps the child learn to be responsible.