Sameer Dharmadhikari begins his journey as an actor in the world of cinema.

The handsome piece of the Marathi cinema, Sameer Dharmadhikari It has become one of the most wanted actors in the Marathi industry. The 'Farzand' star is already enjoying the success of his 'Fatteshikast' release.

As we all know, Sameer has had ups and downs in his career, but nothing has stopped him from delivering his best on screen. The superstar has given his fans some insights by sharing his inspiring journey as a successful actor in the Marathi industry.

While talking to Etimes Sameer said: It has been an extremely satisfying, humiliating and even overwhelming journey so far. It is a great fortune that I had the opportunity to portray all kinds of paper. In 'Fatteshikast' I played an aggressive role and the audience appreciated my role. All I want to do is good cinema, I just want to entertain my audience

Speaking about his next movie, he said: In my next 'Vajvuya Band Baja', I will play a role-playing boy. I've made comedy movies, but 'Vajvuya Band Baja' is a smart comedy movie. Our filmmaker Shivaji Patil and writer, I have done a brilliant job with the script

Fans have always supported and poured all the love for their favorite actor. He has always showered with unconditional support and the superstar never ceases to amaze them every time he delivers stellar performances.

After 'Fatteshikast', Sameer will be seen below in Shivaji Patil's 'Vajvuya Band Baja'. It also features stars like Pritam Kagne , Mangesh Desai & Chinmay Udgirkar in leading roles. The film is slated to be released soon.