Indian Performing Right Society to distribute Rs 3 million to 3,000 members of the musical fraternity

Last week, Javed Akhtar had posted a video, stating that the Indian Making the right partnership (IPRS) will help more than 3,000 of its monetarily underprivileged artists, musicians, and composers navigate the coronavirus crisis.n While talking to Bombay Times , the lyricist-writer and the president of the IPRS, said that the decision was made unanimously during the first meeting of the society's board held virtually, via video and conference calls, a few days before the blockade began. full.

“No one opposed the idea because each of us understands the gravity of the situation. The royalties obtained from the music are collected by us and go to the publisher, author and composer. Depending on their body of work, certain companies and individuals collect far more rights than others. I felt we should do something for those who are not royalty enough to navigate this difficult time, Javed explained, adding: We drew up a list of approximately 3,000 people from the musical fraternity and hopefully this week we will be able to start sending them relief. money so they have the means for basic supplies.

Originally, the idea was to distribute a smaller amount each week, but Rakesh Nigam , the CEO of IPRS, said: We have decided

send the amount in one go so that people can stock up on enough supplies. We have a welfare and benevolence fund formed by using a percentage of the royalties earned by our members. We are using around Rs 3 crore from that fund to help those in need. We will consider doing something else if the situation persists for too long. We do not accept donations and we do not operate a business that supports us. We are doing it using what we have legally and legitimately gained from our hard work.