IIT Gandhinagar launches the Isaac Project to inspire its students

The Gandhinagar Indian Institute of Technology (IITGN) launched Project Isaac to engage its students in creative projects to improve their critical skills while confined to their rooms or homes due to Coronavirus .

The project is inspired by Sir Isaac Newton, who was similarly sent home by Trinity College, Cambridge 350 years ago due to the Great Plague of London in 1665. During this year, sometimes described as his year of wonders, Newton , then a 22-year-old college student, he developed some of his deepest discoveries, including early calculus, as well as his theories of optics and gravity.

The IIT Gandhinagar Isaac Project strives to motivate IITGN students to dream ambitiously to achieve wonderful and ambitious things. They are also encouraged to cultivate new skills in writing, painting, coding, music, creative expression, etc., which are increasingly critical skills for professional success. Almost 40 percent of IITGN students already participate in various activities, which are completely voluntary.

Prof Sudhir K Jain
, Director, IITGN said, “Project Isaac takes inspiration from Isaac Newton's stellar example as a student during the Great Plague of London in 1665 to motivate our students, who are today similarly confined as Newton was 355 years ago, to undertake ambitious and wondrous things even in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. We are proud that more than 40 percent of our student body jumped into these voluntary projects right out of the gate and expect the proportion will continue to grow. We want to emerge from this difficult period stronger and better both as individuals and as a community. ”

Under Project Isaac, the Institute has introduced several exciting and fun contests with daily prizes and rewards for IITGN students around leadership, coding, creative expression, and writing. The Isaac Showcase Project will culminate in a massive talent contest once students return to campus to showcase their creative work products developed during this period.

The Isaac Project is a model for academic institutions around the world to explore ways to engage students in the midst of the pandemic. In fact, many IITGN alumni and people from academic institutions around the world have expressed their enthusiasm for this inspiring project and are following some of the contests, such as the Quarantine Reviews. IITGN has even created a contest on the Isaac Showcase Project for its alumni.