Blair Underwood rejected 'Sex And The City' due to black stereotype

Actor Blair Underwood He originally missed the opportunity to appear on the hit television drama series ‘ Sex and the city ’Because he refused to be the symbolic black character.

the Quantico The star played Dr. Robert Leeds, a love interest for Cynthia Nixon's attorney. Miranda hobbes , in the sixth season in 2003, but says she was initially approached to make a unique appearance in the third season, alongside Kim Cattrell, who played the sex-crazy public relations guru Samantha Jones, reports an entertainment portal. .

However, Underwood rejected the role of a top-tier executive executive whose sister disagrees with interracial relationships, because the story of the No Ifs, Ands or Butts episode was too stereotypical for her liking.

Discussing his time on ‘ Sex and the city ’ on an OTT-based podcast, he said: "I said no first, two years prior, because there was an episode... Kim Cattrell's character wanted to be with a black man and it was all about the curiosity. 'What's it like to be with a black man? Are the rumours true?' And I said, 'Thank you, but no thank you. I appreciate it and I'm honoured.' And I mean that, I don't take that lightly when people offer you a job. But I said, 'I'm not interested in being the black curiosity, but thank you.'"

The producers then came up with another proposal from Dr. Leeds, and this time, Underwood's wife, Desiree DaCosta , urged him to participate in the concert, which featured a five-episode arc.

Dos años después, regresaron y tuvieron una oferta para unirse al programa, compartió Underwood. & dije: '¿Será sobre su raza o será un ser humano?' Dijeron: 'No, él es un médico que está en su edificio, a quien conoce en el ascensor y se cayeron bien'. Eso fue importante. Solo hice cinco episodios y solo lo mencionaron (relación interracial) una vez porque es obvio , agregó. No tienes que hablar de the negros. Es obvio lo que eres.