Vegetarian and vegan food is renewed in fashion at Amdavad

'AA vegetables chhe ne? ’ If you live in Gujarat, you have heard this line more times than you can remember. Gujarat It has always been considered as a state with a large number of people who are vegetarians. And people here love to experiment with food.

Therefore, the options available here are many and varied. From vegetarian steaks to vegetarian sushi, the people here are the bearers of the old adage, necessity is the mother of all inventions. The city's chefs and culinary experts have been able to revamp traditionally non-vegetarian dishes into vegetarian dishes to better suit the palate. The world now has a broader perspective on vegetarianism, as more and more people are choosing a plant-based lifestyle. Health problems, environmental concerns and humanitarian reasons are some of the reasons why vegetarianism is preferred. With the world moving toward a culinary green revolution, Ahmedabad Times takes a look at how the city embraced the plant's fountain.


If you check the restaurant menus, you will find many traditionally non-vegetarian dishes accompanied by the green dot. Aalap Shah, owner of a restaurant in the city, shares: “When we came up with the menu for this restaurant, we curated it in such a way that there was no categorization in terms of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Like pizza, which can be made with and without meat, all the dishes available have vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions. From sushi to stroganoff, the menu includes vegetarian versions of many popular non-vegetarian dishes. Aalap adds: “Non-vegetarian food trends are generally declining. In the West, people can now have their share of simulated meat that has the same texture and flavor as meat, but is made from vegetarian ingredients. People here have opened up to new culinary trends.

Similarly, Yatendra Rawat, executive chef of a hotel in the city, shares: “With more than 80% of the inhabitants who favor vegetarianism and its demands, respectively, it has turned the city into a pot of vegetables where the variety from kitchens around the world has taken a new avatar.


Much of vegetarianism is associated with the health benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. Considering that vegetarians have a lower risk of type 2 diabetes and hypertension, Ahmedabad has seen an increase in restaurants, cafes, and restaurants serving healthy, organic food.

Sweta Roy, curator and partner in a city restaurant, shares: “The year 2019 saw more plant-based options than before, especially when it came to protein sources. As people become more aware of the food supply, plant-based protein will become popular. On the healthy food available at his restaurant, Sweta shares: “Here, we have incorporated more plant-based recipes. Our healthy menu is all about the right balance of protein and necessary vitamins. We derive our flavors from vegetables and herbs.

Rawat adds: “In recent years there has been significant growth in plant-based foods. It has grown exponentially in the last 10 years. Organic and vegan food has become popular. Multiple food festivals and gastronomic gatherings are now dedicated to organic food. ”