Sembaruthi update, March 28: Parvathy challenges to expose Vanaja

In the last episodes of Sembaruthi , Akhilandeswari feel sad but proud of Adithya who rejected his guarantee and decided to stand up.

Vanaja & Nandhini are happy over the misunderstandings between Akhilandeswari & Adithya . They plan to create more problems for the mother-son duo. They discuss ways to grab more control over the Workers’ Union of Akhilandeswari ’s textile factory.

Gajendran visits Akhilandeswari ’s house to inform her about the issues in the factory. But, Vanaja doesn’t want to let him meet Akhilandeswari . Parvathy , on the other hand, learns from Gajendran about the issues in the factory due to Nandhini ’s crooked plans. She also comes to know that Vanaja has deliberately didn’t let him meet Akhilandeswari . She confronts Vanaja about the same & challenges to expose her in front of Akhilandeswari .In spite of her repeated attempts, Parvathy fails to grab Akhilandeswari’s attention. Akhilandeswari refuses to pay heed to Parvathy as she is angry with the latter. A dejected Parvathy walks away. Vanaja mocks Parvathy but the latter pledges to be persistent.