Kim Kardashian's brand donates $ 1 million to coronavirus-affected families

American media personality Kim Kardashian West has teamed up with several others who have pledged massive donations to coronavirus Aid efforts as your girdle brand will donate $ 1 million to families affected by COVID-19.

On Friday, the West brand announced that the company would donate $ 1 million to support families affected by COVID-19 to better help mothers and children in need as the deadly disease continues to spread.

To support mothers and children in need during this time, I am proud to announce that the brand is committed to donating $ 1 million to families affected by COVID-19, the beauty mogul said on Instagram.

With the brand's latest initiative to return, there will also be a replenishment of the first collection.

Kardashian's announcement comes a day after the sister. Kylie Jenner donated to million-dollar to coronavirus relief efforts.