Maximize your skincare

It's always a little disappointing to discover that the skincare you've been investing in so far has little or no effect on your face. But there is a way to buy correctly and maximize profits. This is what you should keep in mind:

1. Are you consistent with your skincare?

If not, it is not practical to expect visible results. To see visible results, you must be consistent with your skincare.

2. Wash your face before applying any skin care product. Applying any decent product to clogged pores causes breakouts. So, without washing your face, the application of cleaning products is counter intuitive.

3. Add a mask to your routine

Adding a mask to your routine will give your skin the added benefits: it will make your skin porous so you can absorb the goodness of the products. Essentially, the mask acts as a catalyst for products, to allow maximum results in less time.

4. Balance the pH

To balance the skin's pH levels, you need a toner. You can use witch hazel or a toner. It helps against environmental stressors like pollution and bacteria.

5. Apply facial oil at night.

Not everyone uses facial oil, but they should. The essential oil acts as a barrier against the elements that can damage your skin.