Madurai: villagers show the way, ban strangers from entering

MADURAI: While district administrations and police have difficulty keeping people indoors, a village near Usilampatti and a refugee camp in Tirunelveli have found their own solution by preventing strangers from entering their areas.

There are around 150 families living in Meenakshipuram in Jothilnayakanur near Usilampatti in Madurai. While there is a belief that people in the villages are unaware of the dangers of the Covid-19 virus, these villagers are showing that perhaps they are one step ahead. On Thursday, men and women cut thorns and used them to block the path that leads to their village.

A handwritten sign saying foreigners are not welcome was also hung on the thorns. The sign says that the road has been temporarily closed and that outsiders, other districts, and states are not welcome. Police will be informed and action will be taken if people enter the village by force, he said, adding that this ruling would last as long as Section 144 of the CrPC is in force in the state.

Ramalingam, a villager, said that many people who pass by his path pass by his village asking for help or even water. `` We have been seeing so much information about how this deadly disease is spreading through strangers. Therefore, we have decided to block our path for our own safety, he said.

They have also decided not to leave their village until the curfew is lifted and are raising awareness among their villages of the importance of handwashing.

Similarly, a sign was placed asking outsiders to stay away from the refugee camp at Subramaniapuram in Tirunelveli. The people of Melapalayam in Tirunelveli have also placed a board asking outsiders to stay away from their place for their own safety and that of the people.