Bengaluru plant mothers unite with their potted beauties amid social estrangement

While we continue to practice social distancing amid the growing number of positive cases of COVID-19, most plant mothers are using this period of isolation at home to bond with their potted beauties. Bengaluru plant and decor enthusiasts make the most of this extra time to tend to their houseplants, rearranging, combing, and caring for them, and then sharing vines and succulents images and videos on social media to spread a positive vibe. .nKrittika Srikanth, plant professional and blogger, says: “I have completely focused on my plants and my home in the past few days, organizing things that have been pending for so long. In fact, I was so proud of the shelf that I recently reorganized that I clicked on an image and shared it on my social media page. And I'm not alone there. Many plant and home decor enthusiasts are doing the same. This keeps us all happy in this gloomy time.

Another plant lover, Raina, plans to turn her balcony into her workspace, surrounded by plants. Many people are engaged in DIY projects, particularly things related to gardening and home decor, she says.

Good time to find your green thumb

• Instead of taking a trip to the nursery, you can pick twigs and flowers from your balcony, put them in a vase or a glass bottle, and place them in your living room.n • Since it is the spring season, it is now a good time to replant and prune your plants.

• Do you want to learn gardening? Start by planting seeds and shoots, or try propagation.

• Start with plants that do not need too much care, such as Money Plant, Wandering Jew, Spider Plant.