Watch: 6 easy Indian snacks you can make at home while you are away socially

Being at home in the middle of the running of the bulls can also be boring! If you are getting bored, we have an easy solution to make it a tasty and delicious social distancing for you. All you need to do is rush to your kitchen and start making some easy snacks that you still see on social media but don't have time to prepare. So this is your chance to make the most of your free time. We have listed 6 simple and easy to prepare snacks that you can try and don't worry, rare ingredients are not required. Watch the videos and start cooking.


Served best with chutney and chai, this is India’s favorite snack. Made with boiled potato, onion, spices, peanuts and refined flour, this deep fried snack can also be used to make a popular chaat recipe called ‘Samosa Chaat’. Watch Samosa recipe here:

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Pav Bhaji Made with pav (bun), boiled potatoes and a special masala, this Indian snack is served with lemon and onion slices. While it belongs to Maharashtra, the beauty of the dish lies in the special masala that is now available in all grocery stores. All you need to do is watch this video and try it at home.

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Ghoogni Chaat

If Tikki Chaat sounds tedious for you, then you can try Ghoogni Chaat for which you just need to do is-soak white chickpea, boil it and then add spices, raw onion and a lot of lemon juice to get the perfect tanginess. Sounds tempting? Watch it here and try:

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Aloo Tikki Chaat

This is for all aloo and chaat lovers. You can make the stuffed aloo tikki (as shown here in the video) or you can just fry the plain aloo tikki or top it with hot sauce, curd, sev, and spices. In case you don't have tamarind chutney, add tomato sauce and enjoy!

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Papdi chaat

As the name implies, you simply need to assemble papdi on a plate, add boiled and diced tomatoes, and then garnish it with curd, sev, and hot sauce and you're done. To know the process, watch the video here:

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Nachos and corn chaat

These days we all have frozen corn at home and some packages of nachos. Simply mash the nachos, add the boiled corn, and top with mayonnaise, sauce, and fresh coriander leaves. Your crisp, fresh snack is ready. Instead of nachos, you can also use chips. Check out the recipe below:

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