Lawmakers delay bailout package as United States overtakes China in multiple coronavirus cases

WASHINGTON: The United States suffered the disgrace on Friday of harboring the largest number of coronavirus infections in the world, even as its deeply divided political class waged bitter battles over responsibilities, priorities, and solutions aimed at defeating the pandemic that is causing the most fear and panic than death.

Millions of Americans fired from work and without wages waited desperately for money from a rescue project, even as infections approached 100,000 in the US USA 2,000 per day.

To put this in perspective, around 3,200 people die in car accidents worldwide every day, but Covid-19 deaths have risen from less than 100 per day in early March to more than 2,700 on Thursday 27 alone. of March. .

While many leaders and public figures are frightened by what some fear will be an exponential growth in infections if not addressed through social distancing and isolation, small groups struggle with this perception, arguing that such tactics will suffocate Americans ( and the global economy), subjects people to more difficulties than through a coronavirus infection with perhaps 1% mortality, and puts future generations in deep debt.

One of those United States lawmakers is delaying a $ 2.2 billion bailout package approved by the United States Senate, which he is eager to sign, insisting on a roll-call vote (rather than a voice vote), forcing the United States House of Representatives to convene. The Kentucky congressman, who is claiming a science degree from MIT, argued that a $ 6 trillion stimulus (combining all packages so far) that he calculated would saddle 350 million Americans each with $ 17,000 in debt. ($ 68,000 for a family of four) is not a good deal.

$ 2 billion divided by 150 million workers is approximately $ 13,333.00 per person. That's much more than the $ 1,200 per person check authorized by this bill. This stimulus should go directly to people instead of being channeled through banks and corporations as this bill is doing, Massie, who is a Republican, argued while holding the bill, enraging President Trump and lawmakers in both sides.

It seems like a third-rate Grandstander named @RepThomasMassie ... wants to vote against the new Save Our Workers bill in Congress. He just wants advertising. You cannot stop it, only delay it, which is dangerous and expensive. Workers and small businesses need money now to survive. The virus was not his fault. It's HELL dealing with Democrats, he had to give up some stupid things in order to get the big picture. 90% GREAT! WIN HOME, but get Massie out! an angry Trump tweeted.

Democrats, who also urgently want to put money in Americans' pockets, were so outraged. Congressman Massie tested positive for being a jerk. It must be quarantined to prevent the spread of its massive stupidity. It has given a new meaning to the term #Masshole. (Finally, something the President and I can agree on!), Former Secretary of State John Kerry tweeted. I never knew John Kerry He had such a good sense of humor! Very impressed! Trump replied.

US lawmakers are also upset that they have to physically gather in sufficient numbers to form a quorum, increasing the risk of Covid-19 infection.

Meanwhile, the President of the United States lashed out at some American companies for failing to voluntarily meet the demand for fans, threatening to invoke the defense production law that would amount to nationalization by forcing them to make mandatory government goods.

“General Motors MUST immediately open its stupidly abandoned Lordstown Ohio plant, or some other plant, and START MAKING FANS, NOW! FORD, GET ON FANS, FAST !!! Trump tweeted, the urgency was capitalized even as he contested complaints from New York Democratic politicians that the city suffered from equipment shortages.