'Harishchandrachi Factory' to 'Muramba': FIVE Marathi Films to Feel Good While Quarantined

With everyone locked inside their homes, people have found new ways to entertain themselves and stay engaged. While some explore their artistic side, others sit back and enjoy some good movies. At this time, we bring you the options that you like the most to make you feel good, especially when you are having a phase of scarcity in life.

Here are five marathi movies to feel good about while quarantined.

' Harishchandrachi Factory '


This film completely rediscovered the incredible genre of biopics in the film industry in Marathi. This film is represented in the legend of Indian cinema. Dadasaheb Phalke and the first movie made by him. This film, which was the directorial debut of Paresh Mokashi, seamlessly recreated the 1911 era and beautifully portrayed the filmmaker's struggle. The film has excellent performances by Nandu Madhav and Vibhawari Deshpande. The film has another point in favor of good storytelling.



A beautiful story of a grandfather's struggle to show his grandson the amazing things and beauty of the world before he loses his vision was a movie unanimously praised. The story is presented in the simplest way, by debutante Sandeep Sawant . This was a low budget movie that was completed in just 30 days. This movie was marked as India's official entrance to the Oscars. It also ranked sixth at the Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film. He also won the National Prize for the best film. 'Happy journey'


'Happy journey' is a Marathi drama directed by Sachin Kundalkar. It features actors Atul Kulkarni and Priya Bapat in lead roles. Few movies stay with you and fewer still catapult you into their world of imagination and leave you spellbound. 'Happy journey' is one such film. The story is about a brother and sister, who embark on a journey together; a journey of finding love, realisation and making things right. This out of the box story was commercially successful apart from winning hearts.



This romantic comedy is directed by 'Varun Narvekar' and stars Amey Wagh, Mithila Palkar , Sachin Khedekar, Varun Narvekar and others. The story begins with the breakup of Alok (Amey) and Indu (Maithila). It's about how parents constantly try to solve their problems and make the relationship stable. It is about the generation gap and the different ideologies. This story connects with people, since everyone at some point has gone through the same thing. Therefore, this movie is a must see. ' Natsamrat '


Directed by Mahesh Manjrekar , ‘Natsamrat’ is based on a play titled ‘Kusumagraj’. Right from the plight of a retired stage actor to an aged parent, the film gets hold of the right nerve of the audience. The film 'Natsamrat' carved a whole new space for Nana Patekar in the world of cinema. With a touching storyline and an exceptional performance by the actor, the film went on to win many awards. ' The film is an unabashed showcase of Nana Patekar’s prowess as an actor.This universal theme of Natsamrat makes it one of the most important films in recent times and is the super hit Marathi movie of all the times.