Cartoonists face global pandemic

Nachinola-based cartoonist Ponnappa has been using his wits to find the lighter side of the current coronavirus pandemic. With Goa in a confinement situation, there is a growing tension between people. He highlights aspects such as the government's lack of preparation for a crisis like this, the ambiguity that surrounds the situation and instances as people hitting dishes.

Their cartoons revolve around various daily activities such as working from home, regularly washing their hands, rumors about the pandemic, etc. The cartoons are inspired by coronavirus and the damage it is causing not only in India, but worldwide. I focus mainly on India, as it concerns us, he says.

It also occasionally digs a light into the system. At times like this, I feel like some of the cartoons I draw add a sense of humor to the tragic situation that can keep people happy, without hurting anyone. As a cartoonist, I need to be tough sometimes, and sometimes I need to be light, he says.