Trinayani: Nayan makes a difficult decision

TV show ' Trinayani Protagonist Gourab Roy Chowdhury & Shruti Das , presents consecutive turns in recent times. With the recent one, the story is sure to take a whole new turn.

Protagonist Nayan , who recently regained his sight, returned to Dripta's house. While Dripta fails to recognize her due to memory loss, none of the other family members could come to her rescue. To her utter dismay, Jazmín, who is pretending to be Dripta's wife, insults her. When Dripta supports Jasmine instead of Nayan, the latter decides to leave the house.

She asks Dr. Debdut to take her back to the ashram despite knowing the fact that she will never be able to lead a normal life once she reaches there. Debdut, who never supported Nayan being worshiped as a Devi because of her special power, denies taking her back. He explains the consequences she will have to face.

A determined Nayan shares, she has no other place to go.

As Nayan comes back everyone gets shocked seeing her. She takes another tough decision & decides to live like a living god, just like she used to be a few days back.

With such a storyline, the show is up for another round of twist. Soon, Dripta will be seen visiting the ashram to talk to Nayan but with many disciples around, she (Nayan) finds it difficult to behave like a normal human being.