Jay Bhanushali does not solicit 'police beatings on the road' messages for this amusing reason

In recent times, several videos of people who were beaten by the police for violating the blockade are circulating on the Internet. Television actor Jay Bhanushali He asked everyone to stop circulating such messages and videos for a hilarious reason.

Jay joked that because this was happening because people were leaving the house, he complained that the wives were deliberately asking her husband to bring groceries from the market.

Jay tweeted: Please don't post WhatsApp videos of * Police hits along the way * After watching these videos, the wives are sending her husband to buy vegetables/groceries.

Jay and Mahhi are a fun couple in that regard. The two are often seen tugging at each other's legs even in their Tik Tok videos, which are greatly enjoyed by their fans.

The two were married in a silent wedding in 2010 and welcomed their first biological child, Tare after nine years of their marriage. Her little bundle of joy was born on August 21, 2019.

The actors are already parents of Rajveer and Khushi, who had been adopted a couple of years ago.