Pet parents make the closure comfortable for their babies

Blocking can be difficult for humans, but it has also changed the lifestyle of pets! From shorter dog walks to more time to hug cats, pet lifestyles have also changed. Some parents of pets frantically searched for food earlier in the week and have stocked up, while others still find ways to feed their pets. We speak with some pet parents to understand what happens in the life of their pets.

Pet parents have stocked up on pet food

Eshaan Sinai Lotlicar was just one of those pet parents who decided to stock up on food for their dogs when the closure was announced. He has two pit bulls and a husky, which eats a mix of pedigree, grains/lentils, and meat. He says: I am friends with the owner of a pet store. So when the closing was announced, even though the stores were closed, he managed to give me food for my dogs. So I stocked up on dog food for three weeks. Many of our friends did the same. Although we generally give them a variety of foods, I couldn't get chicken and I hope the pedigree sack is enough. Wayne Faria from Porvorim, who also has a pit bull, says: He had dog food that he had bought online. But then I got 2-3 more packages from the store just to make sure we didn't run out of food during the lockdown. So we are ready to go for a month

Some are relieved that they have enough food to last a few weeks. Karen Dale Pais de Miramar, who has a Persian cat, says that by chance she has enough food. He only eats foods of a particular flavor from a particular brand, making them very difficult to find in stores generally, so I order online. I also keep the supply on for a few weeks as that is all I eat. So I have enough food for a month, she says.

Concerned pet parents have also stocked up hoping for a food shortage as production will slow down. Kenneth Rebello, whose cat only eats packaged cat food, says: I always kept a few extra packets of food for him as we have several pet stores and medical stores around the corner. But the moment the closure was announced, we decided to stock.

No meat or fish for those who eat homemade food!

Josephine of Tivim, who has four dogs and six cats, says: I have food for only a week. I had ordered online a few days ago, but my orders are stuck, he says. Another Moira parent who has three dogs and a cat says: I have stored chicken for them in my freezer, which I cook with rice. I hope we have enough until we can get more food.

Lack of fish and meat is affecting pets that eat homemade foods. Tania Shirdokar, who has five dogs, says: My mother has spoiled them and now it is very difficult for us. We tried adding a little fish and curd at first, but now it depends on availability. We've got some chicken and lamb mince in the freezer, so let's add lentils and rice for now. For breakfast, they would eat bread that is not available. So we have stored some cookies. Christopher D'Costa, who has a cat and a dog, says: My cat eats wet and dry packaged food, so I have stored food for him. But my dog ‚Äč‚Äčeats homemade food. I have enough for him for a week. After that, you will probably eat what I eat. I separate their meals, in smaller quantities, so that they have enough, but let's not run out of food before we eat more.

More time to hug and play with pets

For pets living in houses with open spaces around, it only means playtime even when their human parents are locked up. Siddharth Kerkar from Saligao tells us: Since we live in a house that is in the middle of nowhere, we are lucky to have a massive field surrounding our house. Then Gaucho (his cocker spaniel) and his best friend Zero (a three-year-old boy Labrador) set off on adventures in the field. Gaucho loves attention and hugs, he knows how to make adorable expressions to make most humans melt. So he's having a great time with us at home all the time.

Pet parents go above and beyond to make sure their pets don't miss out on the fun times during closing. Wayne, who has created a play area for his dog, says: Since we can't take Thor for a walk due to the closure, I've created a play area for him by hanging tires and giving him some toys, so he can stay active and exercise. . Similarly, Eshaan says: Although I can't take them to their races on the beach, I try to take them on short walks within the colony I stay in.

But for Leopold the cat, this is the time to play outside, as they let her out when people are home. Karen says: Leopold is very happy to have us home, because now it means more playing time for him. You can also spend the whole day in the garden since one of us can take care of it. At other times, it is usually inside. So he is having a great time in the running of the bulls. Similarly, Kenneth says: Our cat loves it when we snuggle or play with it. Therefore, it is a victory for him.