Sembaruthi update, March 26: Akhilandeswari breaks due to Adithya's behavior

In the last episode of Sembaruthi , Parvathy , Aishwarya & Purushothaman discuss that Adithya You must return home with the good news of breaking the trade agreement.

In the meantime, Akhilandeswari come home Vanaja asks.her where she had gone. Akhilandeswari tells everyone that she went to meet the business clients. On their insistence, she gave surety of Rs. 1,000 crores so that they sign the deal with Adithya . Though there are issues between her & Adithya , she won't stop supporting her son.

Other than Vanaja , other family members Purushothaman , Parvathy & Aishwarya become happy. Nandhini calls Akhilandeswari & gives her some shocking updates. Nandhini tells that though Akhilandeswari tried to help Adithya . But, Adithya has rejected the support & walked out without accepting signing the deals. Akhilandeswari breaks down learning that Adithya didn't sign the deal. Parvathy also gets worried. She calls Adithya & asks why he refused to take any help. She suggests, Adithya should have taken the opportunity to clear out the misunderstanding between him & Akhilandeswari .