Coronavirus: New Amsterdam postpones epidemic episode

Medical drama " New Amsterdam got a call to postpone an episode of the show that would have focused on a fictional deadly flu pandemic in New York City with its creator David Schulner Sometimes saying what the mirror reflects is too horrible to look at.

Schulner said they had already filmed the episode titled Pandemic, later renamed Our Doors Are Always Open ', but supported the network's decision to postpone it amid the ongoing process. coronavirus pandemic in the United States and the rest of the world.

The world needs a lot less fiction right now and a lot more facts, Schulner said in an essay.

The episode in question was written in 2019, but it mysteriously reflects what is happening in the world now.

We show what happens when our hospital has to pitch tents in the parking lot because each bed is occupied. When doctors, nurses, and medical technicians have been working consecutive shifts because their replacements are ill. When panic comes. When people are in quarantine. When people die. Sometimes what the mirror reflects is too horrible to look at, Schulner said.

Some members of the show's team have also tested positive for the coronavirus, including actor Daniel Dae Kim and one of the writers.

Indian actor Anupam Kher He is also one of the cast members of the show. He recently returned home and is in solitary confinement.

The United States has more than 60,000 infections and New York represents more than 30,000 alone. More than 900 people have died from the virus in the country.