Areas of Pakistan with COVID-19 cases to be closed

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan's federal and provincial governments decided to seal off areas where new cases were reported, as the addition of more than 100 cases across the country has brought the total number of infections to 1,193, the media reported on Friday.

After the detection of some new cases, Bhara Kahu, Chak Shahzad and Ramsha Colony in Islamabad; parts of Sadiqabad, part of Dhoke Kashmirian and B Block of Satellite Town in Rawalpindi; and Mohrah Akkrah near Sohawa and the Manga village in Charsadda have been sealed, reports Dawn News.

Vehicles, except those involved in cargo transportation, have been prohibited on highways and freeways.

The (NDMA) was preparing up to 30,000 boxes of (PPE) to be delivered to healthcare professionals who treat infected patients.

More about Covid-19 > In addition, the (POF) has achieved the ability to produce 25,000 masks and 10,000 liters of hand sanitizer daily.

Speaking at a press conference after a meeting on Thursday, the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister said it was decided to ensure the availability of PPE for all health professionals performing tasks related to the coronavirus.

In addition to the cases, Pakistan has also reported nine deaths.