Aadhaar union will facilitate the delivery of relief material

NEW DELHI: Government's focus on Aadhaar-based services has become a key enabler in providing aid to the poor to cushion the impact of Covid-19 with a massive database of 62 million beneficiaries in the system of public distribution and about 9.5 million rupees. enrolled in the MGNREGA program.

Seeding numbers with bank accounts, also part of the Jan Dhan-Aadhaar-Mobile trinity, has created a delivery bridge that sends money to verified accounts of the poor with minimal leakage. There are also over 25.5 million crore beneficiaries linked through Aadhaar to the Center's Ujjwala LPG scheme.

There are 987 banks linked to the Aadhaar payment bridge with the number of transactions crossing Rs 622 million, which establishes the durability of the system. The transactions totaled more than Rs 276,000 crore. MGNREGA's transactions have crossed Rs 77 million, and the previous system of verifications and stages has been reduced, giving up to Rs 82,000 million.

DBT transactions related to the LPG-Pahal scheme have almost reached Rs 500 million and the value is over Rs 105,000 crore. DBT transactions related to more than a dozen core schemes have reached Rs 100 million and the amount is almost Rs 120 million.

The national social assistance program has generated more than Rs 7,500 million and the amount of PM is almost Rs 5,500 million.

The expansion of Aadhaar-based services has been rapid, picking up pace once the Supreme Court confirmed their use in various sectors. The number of Aadhaars linked to bank accounts has crossed Rs 68 million.