'Normalize supply chain early to avoid running out of stock'

BENGALURU: Britannia said the packaged food industry is at risk of running out of stock in 7-10 days if the chain does not immediately normalize. Supply has been severely disrupted across the country since Sunday, with many workers unable to go to factories and carriers unable to move.

The food industry supply chain is disaggregated and dependent on the interstate movement of goods. Due to the nature of the materials, inventories across the chain are low. If even one link in the supply chain breaks, the country could run out of stock of food packages in the next 7-10 days, the Britannia CEO said.

Many essential products have disappeared from the shelves of local kirana supermarkets and stores. The movement of raw materials has also been reduced, forcing companies such as Britannia, Parle and to cut production. Berry's comments have been one of the strongest issued by a consumer goods company. Parle had previously expressed concern, and Metro Cash&carryindiahadsaiditwasunabletoopenitswholesalestoresasthepolicethreateneditsemployeestostayindoors.