50% of Maharashtra Covid-19 patients aged 31 to 50 years; 66% of imported cases

MUMBAI: Almost half of the patients who tested positive for Covid-19 in Maharashtra are in the age group of 31 to 50 years, shows an analysis of the first 122 patients prepared by the state department of medical education on Thursday. The Covid-19 outbreak, which started in Wuhan in China in December 2019, remains an imported disease in Maharashtra, with 66% of patients with a history of international travel.

Most of them had traveled from the United Arab Emirates and the United States, followed by Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom. Another 29% of patients came into contact with affected travelers. The contact and travel history of seven people could not be conclusively established, according to the analysis report. Among travelers, a large proportion of cases come from the UAE.

In fact, the state's index patients belonged to a group of 40 people who had traveled to Dubai and on a six-day trip. At least 15 of the group's members have tested positive so far. This is the first such analysis conducted by the state and shows that 16 patients are over the age of 60, including three who are over 70. Positive patients also include 10 who are under the age of 20 (two of them under 10. ).

The state recorded 130 positive cases and five deaths as of Thursday. Senior state officials said the analysis was not surprising and reflects the trend worldwide. “People in the 30-50 age group are the ones who travel abroad for work, and are predictably the largest group in the Maharashtra Covid-19 patient group so far. So mobility is clearly the big factor here, said Dr. TP Lahane, who heads the Directorate for Medical Education and Research (DMER). Dr. Shashank Joshi, dean of the Indian College of Physicians, said the 31-50 age group has become the super-spread worldwide. “They become infected and spread within the community.

It is in the group of elderly people that we should focus on, as they suffer from high mortality, ”he said. Studies that emerge from China, Italy and the USA. Some of the countries most affected by the pandemic have shown that the majority of patients are men. Also in Maharashtra, only 31% of patients are women. “The weekly chart of the number of cases shows that India has entered the crucial phase. In the eighth week of the epidemic, we have 600 cases, but experience in other countries shows that this is where the exponential increase occurs, said a senior state health official.

Mumbai, unsurprisingly, has become the district with the highest number of cases. That was bound to happen. The city is a center of travelers. That is why testing should be greatly increased here, said an infectious disease expert, who appreciates the efforts of the state government to announce the shutdown even before the Center made that decision.