Delhi government to permanently illuminate Signature Bridge

NEW DELHI: Before Diwali , the iconic can shine at night offering a spectacular view to visitors. He has decided to permanently illuminate the entire structure of the bridge, which rises above the skyline of the city, to enhance its appearance in order to be more attractive at night and shine like the rest of the world. Currently, the 154-meter-high bridge pylon is twice the height of Qutub Minar, but it is not visible at night.

Currently, the structure of the bridge does not have permanent lighting. It attracts visitors in the hordes in the day, but people do not enjoy the view after the fall of darkness. A detailed project report will be prepared and submitted to the government for approval within two weeks. The bridge will light up every night, said a senior official.

The lighting works will be carried out by the Delhi Tourism and Transport Development Corporation.

From static lighting to dynamics, it is likely that the DTTDC will explore a wide range of lighting possibilities for bridges available throughout the world. The varieties of lighting, however, will depend to a large extent on the structure of the bridge and will transform the night appearance of the entire structure.

We are interested in completing the lighting project in mid-October, said an official. Work to open the observatory deck on top of the Signature Bridge is underway and is likely to be completed by June 30. Once it is completed and open to the public the observatory platform, which will have capacity for 50-60 people. At the same time, it will give a perfect image of the city from the sky. The AAP government will promote it as a sunrise and sunset point to attract tourists.

The government is working on a plan for the integral development of the areas around Signature Bridge that will be developed as a tourist center. The embellishment project includes horticultural works based on multiple themes, developing gardens in open spaces as well as other works. Along with all this, a tourist facilitation center and a playground are among the works planned at the bottom of the bridge.

The government has also decided to develop a parking space near the Signature Bridge so that people who park vehicles on the roads that pass over the bridge when they stop to take a selfie do not cause traffic jams. It is common to find dozens of such vehicles parked along the road that passes through the bridge in the day and people who take pictures with the bridges.

The parking lot will have a ramp to connect it to the main road that goes through the bridge so that people can come and take pictures after parking their vehicles in the parking space, an official said. The work for the development of the parking lot will soon begin and, apart from the parking lot, we will also develop a cafeteria where people can relax and have a good time, said an official.

The bridge was opened for traffic in November 2018.