Doctor Jharkhand drives 50 hours to bring his abandoned daughter from Rajasthan

BOKARO: A father desperate to bring his stranded daughter home in the face of an impending lockdown that started on Sunday and drove almost nonstop for 50 hours, covering around 2,500 km to Kota and back, to complete his epic journey on Tuesday. and almost immediately resume his duties as a doctor.

The 49-year-old man, who did not want to be named, said he had decided not to stop anywhere because that was the only way a reasonable opportunity could be given to pick up his 18-year-old daughter. and return to Bokaro no later than Tuesday.

The girl, who had enrolled in one of Kota's many institutes to prepare for her medical entrance exams, said she was lucky to have a super father who defied Sunday's janata curfew to drive alone through five states to get to it. We did not waste a moment. We ate the food he was carrying and returned to Bokaro. This trip that my father and I took will be a permanent memory, he said.

The doctor said he was quarantined in his car throughout the trip. I traveled through Jharkhand, Bihar, UP and MP to enter Rajasthan. The roads were empty. Except for freight trucks, I saw very few maneuvers. Except in the UP, I hardly found anyone on the roads. There were only police vehicles and manned border checkpoints.

While passing through checkpoints in MP, the doctor noted that none of the police officers deployed there had protective equipment. He was wearing extra masks and disinfectants, which I gave them, he said.