Rajasthan: Nurses, doctors facing threats from landlords to evict houses for participating in Covid-19 treatment

JAIPUR: It wasn't long before people came out onto their balconies and appreciated the doctors and nurses for providing their services and suspicious cases, but these brave nurses now face threats from their landlords for the same reason that they were appreciated.

The health department is inundated with such complaints from doctors and nurses, who reported to higher authorities about the threats they have received from their owners. I have been sent to treat suspicious patients at. My landlord knows. Since it is a highly contagious disease, my landlord is concerned that they may catch it from me, which is not true at all. They have asked to vacate the home, a nursing staff said on condition of anonymity.

Not only her, but there are also other health professionals who face the same problem. Such cases have been reported in Bhilwara and Jaipur, where a large number of health department teams have been deployed in the survey, treatment, and care of suspected and positive Covid-19 cases. En and Jhunjhunu, are working hard in the areas, where the curfew has already been imposed, as these areas reported cases of Covid-19 in groups.

Taking it as a serious problem, the health department decided to take action against such owners. Some complaints have been received about owners threatening nurses and doctors, who work tirelessly for Covid-19 related cases. The state government has noted this and a notification preventing such incidents from occurring, said Rohit Kumar Singh, additional chief secretary, health department.

The notice says: Homeowners and homeowners are forcing them to vacate their rented residences. The behavior is equivalent to obstructing public servants in the performance of their functions. The state government has issued Regulation 202 of the Rajasthan Coast-Epidemic Diseases under the Epidemic Diseases Act of 1897 and Rajasthan Epidemic Diseases Act of 1957 for the prevention and containment of Covid-19.

In addition, it directed district collectors, the superintendent of police, and zonal deputy commissioners of municipal corporations to take strict criminal action against such homeowners and homeowners under the applicable legal provisions and to report the actions taken. daily to the health department.