Chaitra Navratri 2020: Navratri Rules, Puja Vidhi, Muhurat, What to eat and fasting food

Navratri is one of the most auspicious festivals for the Hindu community. Navratri means nine nights. During these nine nights, people worship nine different forms of the Goddess Durga every day. Navratri falls four times a year, but two of them: Sharada Navratri (September-October) and Chaitra Navratri (March-April) are the most important and are celebrated with great enthusiasm.

This year, the Chaitra Navratri will begin on March 25 and end on April 2.

The nine forms of the Goddess Durga that are worshiped from day 1 to day 9

March 25, 2020: On Day 1, devotees worship Maa Shailputri

March 26, 2020: on day 2, devotees worship Maa Brahmacharini

March 27, 2020: On the 3rd, devotees worship Maa Chandraghanta

March 28, 2020: On the 4th, devotees worship Maa Kushmanda

March 29, 2020: On the 5th, devotees worship Maa Skandamata

March 30, 2020: On the 6th, devotees worship Maa Katyayani

March 31, 2020: On the 7th, devotees worship Maa Kalaratri

April 1, 2020 - On the 8th, devotees worship Maa Mahagauri

April 2, 2020: On the 9th, devotees worship Maa Sidhidatri

Navratri 1

Navratri Rules

On the first day of Navratri, kalash sthapana is ready. The Navratri puja begins with the kalash sthapana, followed by puja, aarti, and a full day fast. Many people fast for the nine days, while some only fast for the first and last or last two days.

The puja is dedicated to the Goddess Durga, who gives her great merits and prosperity. The nine forms of the Goddess Durga are embodiments of power, wisdom, compassion and glory.

People who fast for nine days pray twice in one day.

Puja samagri

To make the Navratri puja, you will need the following ingredients:

Goddess Durga image/idol, a clay pot for sowing barley seeds, a lid to cover the pot, coconut, mango leaves, goddess Durga idol clothes, water, earth, moli, red cloth, gangue jal, uncooked rice, incense sticks, butter lamp, matchbox, camphor, fruit, puja plate and flowers.


Puja Muharat

March 25, 6:19 am to 7:17 am

How to do the Kalash sthapana

Clean your bid area and take a shower. Spread out a piece of red cloth and place the Durga idol/image on it. Now spread the soil in the clay pot and sprinkle a little water on it and then sow the barley seeds.

Now you can keep the clay pot in the center and put some Ganga jal on it. Put some roli in the pot. Put some mango leaves on the kalash mount and fill it with rice and cover with the lid. Wrap the coconut with the red cloth and tie it with the thread and place it on the lid that covers the pot.

Vidhi puja

Offer flowers, candy and fruit to the Goddess. Light the lamp and the incense stick. Put some roli on the idol/photo and kalash. Sing the durga mantra or aarti.

Keep spraying a little water on the barley seeds every day. Repeat the same vidhi puja every day. In the eight days, you can invite nine little girls to your home and offer them a meal and give them some little gifts. These little girls are considered to be the avatar of nine forms of the Goddess Durga.


Visarjan Vidhi

The visarjan is done on the tenth day. Make the bid like every day. Then remove the idol/photo and save it in your mandir bid. Pick up the raw rice from the kalash and offer it to the birds. Spray the kalash water in all corners of your home and on all members of the home. Distribute the prasad.

If your barley seeds have grown in abundance, it is a sign of happiness and prosperity. You can keep barley sprinkled under a tree.

Fasting food

Kuttu/singhara atta puri, pakora

Sabudana kheer/khichdi/pakora

Dry fruits

Makhana kheer

Fresh fruits

Dairy products