Viral: the funny memes and tweets of Hantavirus are the dose of laughter on the Internet

The world is still sinking with the haunting pandemic of Coronavirus And the news about the appearance of a new virus in China has shocked everyone. As funny as it sounds, the hantavirus is not as deadly as the coronavirus as it is not transmissible. This virus was specifically spread from rodents. Basically, people who eat live rats. Yes, disgusting as it sounds!

Hantaviruses in the Americas are known as New World hantaviruses and can cause hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (SPH). Other hantaviruses, known as Old World hantaviruses, are found mainly in Europe and Asia and can cause hemorrhagic fever with kidney syndrome (HFRS), the CDC website said.

While the world is accusing China of the most unpleasant eating habits, our meme and tweet artists leave no stone unturned to laugh with funny posts on various social media platforms. Some of the funniest are:

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