US seizes North Korean ship amid tense moment of relations

WASHINGTON: USA UU He Said Thursday That He Had Seized A North Korean Cargo Ship That Was Used To Violate International Sanctions, A First-class Enforcement Action That Occurs In The Middle Of A Tense Moment In Relations Between The Two Countries.

The Wise Honest, The Second Largest Cargo Ship In North Korea, Was Arrested In April 2018 While Traveling To Indonesia. Now They Are In The Process Of Being Transferred To American Samoa, Officials Of The Justice Department Said.

Officials Made The Announcement Hours After North Korea Fired Two Suspected Short-range Missiles Into The Sea, The Second Firing Of Weapons In Five Days And A Possible Signal That Stalled Talks About Its Nuclear Weapons Program Are In Trouble. Public Disclosure That The Ship Is Now Under US Custody UU May Increase Tensions Even More, Although US Officials UU They Said That The Time Of Their Complaint Was Not An Answer To The Launch Of The Missile.

The Justice Department Attorneys Set Out The Case To Confiscate The Boat In A New York Filing, Arguing That Payments For The Maintenance And Operation Of The Boat Was Channeled Through Involuntary US Financial Institutions In Violation Of US Law. It Is Also Believed That The Coal Trade Itself To Finance The Programs Of Ballistic Missiles And Nuclear Weapons In The Isolated Country.

This Boat That Cancels The Sanctions Is Now Out Of Service, The Assistant Attorney General John Demers, The Chief National Security Officer Of The Department Of Justice, Said The Journalists. Later Added:" The United States Sanctions Against North Korea Reflects The Threat That These Programs Represent For The National Security Of The United States" .

The 581-foot Wise Honest (177 Meters) Was Used To Transport Coal To Ports Abroad, According To The Complaint, Generating Much-needed Revenue For A Country That Is Under UN Sanctions Because Of Its Nuclear Weapons Program. The Ship Also Delivered Heavy Machinery To North Korea.

The Vessel Was Owned By A Subsidiary Of A North Korean Shipping Company That Is Controlled By The Country's Military And Is On A Sanctions List Of The Treasury Department, The Authorities Said.

North Korea Tried To Disguise The Nationality Of The Ship And The Origin Of Its Cargo, According To The Complaint. The Ship, In What The US Officials Say Was A Clear Act Of Concealment, Also Turned Off An Automatic Signal System Intended To Alert Other Ships Of Its Course And Location. The Ship Had Not Issued Any Signal Since August 2017 Despite Having Made At Least One Trip Since Then, According To The Complaint.

The Indonesian Authorities Interceded And Seized Wise Honest In The Month Following The Taking Of Photographs In The Port Of Nampo, North Korea, Where Acquired A Charge Of Coal. The Captain Of The Ship Was Accused In Indonesia Of Violating The Maritime Laws Of That Country And Declared Guilty, The Complaint Says. It Was Not Immediately Clear What Happened To The Rest Of The Crew, Which At Least Once Added Two Dozen Members.

The United States Has Prosecuted People And Companies For Violating Sanctions, But Never Before Has Seized A Ship From North Korea. The Country Will Have The Opportunity To Challenge The Confiscation In The Courts. If EE. UU It Prevails, You Can Sell The Boat.

" When Nations That Have Declared Their Intention To Harm The United States Evade International Sanctions, Americans Become Less Secure," Said Geoffrey Berman, The United States Attorney For The Southern District Of New York.

When Asked If The Largest Merchant Ship In North Korea Was Involved In A Similar Manner In The Illegal Coal Exports, Demers Said He Did Not Know, But Added:" If It Is, We Would Love To Have It In Our Hands." ;

President Donald Trump And The North Korean Leader, Kim Jong Un, Has Held Two Summits Focused On The North Nuclear Program, But Has Not Achieved Any Noticeable Progress Towards An Agreement To Eliminate Their Weapons. In The White House On Thursday, Trump Said That The United States Was Looking" Very Seriously At This Moment" In The Latest Military Tests Of North Korea.

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