Shweta Tiwari from Mera Dad Ki Dulhan talks about how to use quarantined time well

Shweta Tiwari, one of the most popular faces in the television industry is winning hearts with her portrayal of Guneet Sikka in Mere Daddy Ki Dulhan . She has always been intensely passionate about her work and has left no stone unturned to give everything to all the roles she has played on screen.

Shweta, who has always proven himself as an actor, shares how he is dealing with and encouraging his fans to fight the Coronavirus pandemic that has paralyzed the world. While the nation is under extreme blockade to prevent the virus from spreading further, the actor urges people to stay and follow him seriously.

Speaking more about how he spends his time, Shweta said: Staying at home is never a boring task, in fact it is a blessing. It is also how he sees it. You can switch to doing the things you've always wanted, but I never have time to do it. Whether it's reading books, writing, honing a skill, helping cook meals, exercising, spending your hobbies spending time with kids and family, or just getting back to sleep. Personally, I love reading and even listening to classics. So I am listening to some beautiful old songs and reading many books, which gives me a feeling of peace.

The actress further added: Our goal is to be safe and secure and to keep our loved ones safe as well. With CoVid 19 affecting people around the world at high speed, we have to take care of ourselves by staying home and breaking the chain. We must do everything possible to stop this pandemic and take the necessary precautions.