Covid-19: Trump reflects on the reopening of large areas for business at Easter

NEW YORK: Very large sections of the US USA They could reopen for business at Easter next month, based on expert advice. Donald trump He has said that the country is facing an economic crisis and massive layoffs.

My first priority is always the health and safety of the American people, and we want everyone to understand that we continue to evaluate the data, he said at his press conference Tuesday.

Ultimately, state governors and local officials will determine whether the restrictions, such as stay-at-home orders imposed on 17 states, will continue and for how long.

The other states that represent half the population of the United States do not demand such strict measures because the Trump administration has only issued guidelines to prevent the spread, and not orders.

The main point of the guidelines is to ask people to stay away from each other and that has led to the closure of businesses and educational institutions in the states that follow them.

The guidelines will expire next week.

Trump said he chose Easter, which falls on April 12, as the possible day to loosen strict guidelines that restrict crowds to avoid contagion because it is a beautiful time.

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Easter commemorates the Christian belief that Jesus returned from the dead that day.

Democratic President Nancy Pelosi He said Trump's proposal is a formula for more uncertainty, more misconceptions and that it will do more harm to the economy.

Anthony Fauci, an internationally recognized medical expert who is part of the White House Task Force, said Trump's proposal was indeed very flexible.

People may have the wrong interpretation that you're just going to lift everything and even if someone goes like this ... that's not going to happen, he said.

He said that while the situation is dire in places like New York, there are other areas that are very different.

You may not want to treat it essentially as (it is) just a force for the entire country, but be aware of flexibility in different areas, he added.

Trump said he would be looking at the Agricultural Belt of the Midwest and Texas states that so far have had few cases of COVID-19.

Trump assured: I will be guided a lot by Dr. Fauci and Deborah (Birx, the other international expert on the task force) and some of the other professionals.

Earlier on Fox News, Trump reiterated his claim that the cure may be worse than the problem: Measures to deal with COVID-19 can cause further damage to the economy.

He said that if the economic conditions with mass layoffs and unemployment were to worsen, it could lead to suicide and other social problems.

Trump Economic Advisor Larry kudlow He said: We are not abandoning the advice of health professionals, but there is a clamor to try to reopen the economy, perhaps make it less of a lockdown.

While large geographic areas of the country have not yet been seriously affected, there is a danger that COVID-19 will spread there due to travel, and some states are beginning to take action.

Florida has ordered those flying from New York to self-quarantine for 14 days.

Rhode Island has asked visitors to be quarantined for 14 days, and Hawaii has restricted visitors to the mainland.

Birx has asked anyone who has been in the New York metropolitan area recently to isolate himself.