India allies with Israel against Palestinian NGO in UN meeting

UNITED NATIONS: In an unusual move, India voted in favor of a decision presented by Israel in the (ECOSOC) that opposed giving consultative status to a Palestinian non-governmental organization, after the Jewish state said that the organization did not He revealed his links with Hamas.

Israel presented draft decision L.15 on June 6 at the ECOSOC meeting, entitled Request of the non-governmental organization - Witness to the consultative status before the Economic and Social Council seeking to return to the request of Witnesses of the NGO Committee for the State consultative, a very rare occurrence.

The decision was adopted by a recorded vote of 28 votes in favor and 15 against, with five abstentions. The countries that voted in favor of the decision were Brazil, Canada, Colombia, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Thank you #India for being with @IsraelinUN and rejecting the application of the terrorist organization 'Shahed' to obtain observer status in #UN. Together we will continue to act against terrorist organizations that seek to harm, Maya Kadosh tweeted. The deputy chief of Israel's mission in India.

The council decided to return the NGO's request since the organization did not present important information when its credentials were being considered in the NGO Committee earlier this year, according to a record of the meeting on the UN website.

The Economic and Social Council decides to return the request of the Palestinian Association for Human Rights - Witness to the Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations, he said.