This is how Savaniee Ravindrra mocks quarantine

During the last week, people stay at home, practicing social distancing to combat the novel Coronavirus , which is spreading rapidly in the world and in Maharashtra. From ordinary people to celebrities are practicing social distancing stopping completely from leaving. Singer Savaniee Ravindrra is doing this too. But how long can you stay inside? You need to do something that will keep you engaged. For some, it's painting, cooking, reading, etc., while for Savaniee, it's Tik Tok that keeps her busy at home, Savaniee has been regularly uploading videos on the platform and we love it.

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Happiness is ... Staying home and trying your luck at @tiktok 😍 and suddenly being super active! Follow me there guys! Let's put an end to boredom and have fun🤪. . . #emojichallenge #handchallenge #savanieeravindrra #tiktok #tiktokdance #tiktokindia #stayhome #staysafe #quarantine #quarantined #bored #havingfun #killingtime

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