The automotive components industry seeks a stable roadmap for the transition of electric vehicles

NEW DELHI: The Association of Manufacturers of Automotive Components of India ( ACMA ) said on Tuesday that the government should adopt a pragmatic approach to create a stable and long-term roadmap for a smooth transition to electric mobility. The industry body's comments respond to some media reports that the government was considering a proposal to ban the sale of three-wheeled vehicles with an internal combustion engine (ICE) for 2023 and less than 150 cc of vehicles. of two wheels for 2025.

Meanwhile he auto component industry whole-heartedly supports the government's intent of ushering in e-mobility and has already begun to prepare for it, a 100 per cent transition in the next few years would translate into decimating the existing vibrant eco-system of this unique industry, ACMA President Ram Venkataramani said in a statement.

Undue celerity, without giving adequate consideration to the location, could lead to an increase in imports; A phenomenon that is already gaining ground with the increase of electronic content in vehicles, he warned.

Therefore, a pragmatic approach for the government would be to create a stable long-term roadmap in consultation with the industry to ensure a smooth evolution rather than an interruption, Venkataramani said.

Earlier this week, the automotive industry body SIAM had asked the government to follow a well-designed roadmap and a practical time frame for the deployment of electric vehicles. The industry chamber CII also said that the government should conduct more extensive consultations before the finalization of the targets and deadlines for electric mobility.