The transfer of justice S Muralidhar was a routine: Amit Shah

NEW DELHI: Union Minister of the Interior Amit Shah On Thursday he said the move to the Delhi Supreme Court was a routine development and the judge's consent is on record.

The government only issues the transfer order. Recommendations are made by the college. Therefore, this should not be linked to any particular case. It was a routine transfer. The judge's consent is on the record, Shah said in the.

What is this thinking that only a judge can do justice. And the others can't? Why a particular judge? Why a judge? Why don't you have faith in other judges? he questioned.

The President of India, after consulting with the President of the Supreme Court of India, transferred Judge S Muralidhar, Judge of the Delhi High Court, to the High Court.

Opposition parties had targeted the central government led by the BJP over the midnight transfer, claiming that the government was blatantly suppressing and undermining not only the democratic institution but also the judiciary.