Covid-19: TV presenter Rashmi Gautam criticizes netizens on social media who rated the 30-second audio clip about the 'disgusting' pandemic

Rashmi Gautam, who often talks about social issues, is unhappy with the posts on social media against the 30-second audio clip of Corona consciousness playing as a ringtone on mobile phones.

He took to Twitter to share a post asking the Government of India to remove the Coronavirus awareness tune on the grounds that it is disgusting. He commented saying such posts are not supportive and urged everyone to follow precautions and stay safe. She opined that the public cannot question the government if it does not comply with the mandates issued in the public interest.

She wrote: “Publications like these are not so helpful. If you can't be patient with an IVR, please don't question the government next time. This is all for our safety. Follow the instructions and stay safe #coronavirusindia (sic).

Rashmi slams netizens

While a section of his supporters supported his views, some others continued to criticize the government's initiative.

The recently released 30-second audio clip was the most talked about topic on social media. Some celebrities and commoners also shared some options to skip the ringtone.

On the professional front, Rashmi Gautam is currently hosting Jabardasth extra and also as a team leader in Dhee Champions .